Front slit maxis take over Delhi’s flea markets.

When a designer showcases a new design at a fashion week, it gets picked up by not only the connoinsseurs but also those who are experts in making a replica of the same design. This year, front slit long tops, jackets and maxi dresses have been seen on the desi and international runways. Flea markets are now flooded with replicas of these designs for all those who wish to be on trend without spending too much. A walk through Delhi’s flea markets – Sarojini Nagar , Janpath and Lajpat Nagar – showed us how this trend has caught on. So much so, that you might feel left out if you don’t have one of these in your closet! Front slit maxi dresses are available in various materials and prints – florals, checkered, in monochromes and colour blocks, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit these markets.

Though there weren’t too many designs, we saw front slit dresses and tops in different patterns at Janpath. If Sarojini Nagar only has plain or floral prints, then Janpath has options in denim and stripes. The price is also more or less the same – you can buy one of these for Rs 300-400. “We sell at least five-six pieces per day. Log apne friends ke saath yehi lene aate hai. Humare yahan se toh aunty log bhi leke ja rahe hain,” says Amit, a shopkeeper at Janpath.Rajni, who bought a striped front slit dress from Amit’s shop says, “These are comfortable and can be worn with jeans as well as leggings. For the summer months, these are easy and light to wear.”

The ones with chains are the most expensive

Sarojini Nagar and Janpath have designs that are slightly different from each other, but it’s Lajpat Nagar that is your one-stop destination for every kind of front slit dress or top. The market has every variety of these – from plain to floral to the perfect one to wear to a party. The price range at Lajpat is Rs 500-600 for a plain or floral one, and Rs700-800 for the more fancy ones. Sandeep, who owns a shop in Central Market, tell us, “We started by bringing plain designs, then next week we got floral ones. Now chain belts are the latest fad. Yeh stock kal hi laya hun, aur subah se char bech diye. These are comparatively higher in price. They start at Rs 500-600 and the ones with chains cost Rs 700.”

Florals rule at Sarojini Nagar

 Front slit dresses and tops are in abundance at Sarojini Nagar market, and they cost Rs 250-350. Almost all the shops have similar designs. “Yeh design itni jaldi khatam ho rahi hai, that’s why we’re getting new stock every week,” says Ramakant Yadav, a shopkeeper at Sarojini Nagar. Govind Singh, another shopkeeper, tells us that some people call them long dresses. “We have seven-eight designs, and for the last one month, people have been buying these the most. Kabhi crop top fashion mein hota hai kabhi kuch aur. Abhi yeh fashionable hai, isiliye log itne saare khareed rahe hai,” he adds.

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